For as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways. Isaiah 55:9


Barbara Melsheimer & Linda Wade

Brief History

2001 - Linda Wade and Barbara Melsheimer incorporate Above The Clouds.

2002 - Above The Clouds, Inc. hosts their  first classes.

2010 - Above The Clouds, Inc. grows significantly and begins a partnership with the Helen Bader Foundation and Holton Youth and Family Center.

2011 - Above The Clouds, Inc. partners with Danceworks Inc. and gains access to their facilities and trained teachers.

2020 - Above The Clouds, Inc. became a resident partner at the Milwaukee Ballet.

2022 -Above The Clouds, Inc. expands into Texas; Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Linda visits the women's prison in Texas where the vision of Above The Clouds was birthed.

Linda Wade & Barbara Melsheimer

Linda Wade has been actively involved in many forms of art since 1989 as an artist painting in oil on stretch canvas having some of her work shown at places such as: Firstar Bank, Waupun First Gallery, Channel 10/36 Auction, & a host of private showings.  In 1990 Linda studies ballet at the William Riley Ballet Academy in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Ballet & Dance Works and eventually joining Dance Eternal in 1996.  After joining Dance Eternal, she was invited to join the lead dancer (Kim Brunner) in a ministry trip to the women's prison in Texas with a group from all around the USA.  After talking with the women in prison, Linda soon realized that most of their trouble started when they were children.  "I wanted to do something so that our children in Milwaukee would have a safe place where they could express themselves, learn a variety of art mediums as well as feel the love of Christ".  

When we invest in something or someone, the by product is a return on your investment; Above The Clouds has invested in the lives of many children and the return is hope for a brighter future for us all.  I am grateful to have been a part of giving birth to such a beautiful vision such as Above The Clouds.  I have always loved the arts and to see how Above The Clouds has grown and has touched so many lives, I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be the midwife to Linda's God given vision and Dream. - Barbara Melsheimer