For as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways. Isaiah 55:9

Data shows exercise enhances productivity, releases stress and improves collaboration.

In a study done by CBS





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The Art of Good Healthy living!

     *   You don't have to leave work to exercise

     *   Saves time and energy

     *   Employees can learn how to control stress              levels thus a healthier work place

     *   It's fun

Change your tomorrow

By Moving Forward today!

A special benefit for contracting Moving Forward Milwaukee

​Moving Forward Milwaukee in partnership with Above The Clouds Inc., will donate part of the proceeds to Above The Clouds arts education program. Above The Clouds provides free arts education classes to children who otherwise could not afford it. Simply put "you move so they can dream!"

​Our Goal: to provide on-site fitness classes.

For Employees


     *   Greater productivity

     *   Reductions in work related ill-health and                    injuries

     *   Lower workers compensation costs

     *   A decrease in absenteeism and staff                            turnover, improving employee relations

     ​*   A healthier work environment

  ​   *   Enhancing work environment

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The use of effective workplace programs and policies can reduce health risk and improve the quality of life for American workers.

For Employers