From left to right Lindsey Kelly, Tori Johnston,

Lizzy Ibitoye &  Trinity Cross

Our level 6/7 ballet students.

From Student to Teacher

Meet Lindsey Kelly

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved dancing. In fact, I would leap and twirl around the house so much, that my mom would often yell at me.  I wanted to take dance lessons for many years but unfortunately my parents could not afford it. When my mom found out about Above The Clouds, she immediately signed me up for ballet.  Earlier that year, I had written in my prayer journal three things that I wanted to do, and one of which was to take ballet lessons. God truly answered my prayers. I am eternally grateful for Mrs. Linda and the vision she has for this arts program.

Going to ballet class became my highlight of the week. In class I was able to make friends, learn the correct names and terms for movements and how to execute those movements. Every week I came with questions and learned more and more about the style of ballet. However, the most unique thing about class was that at the end of each lesson, we would end by praying. I am thankful to my dance teacher, Mrs. Kim for instilling within me these principles of dance and faith.

After years of studying with Above The Clouds I am proud to say that I am an instructor (beginning ballet). Teaching for Above the Clouds has enabled me to develop my leadership, time management and problem solving skills. Having once been a student, I can truly appreciate the joy and challenges that come with teaching as well as to share my stories of my personal experience in dance.  Thank you Above The Clouds. 

Lindsey K (Former Student now Beginning Ballet Instructor)




For as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways. Isaiah 55:9

A Parent's Heart

Have you ever felt defeated in a situation with a child that has some challenges in their health and it seems like everyone involved with her care has said that she may not walk or speak like children her age due to a seizure & rare disorder of Dravet Syndrome.

My daughter (Khrstyan) is 7 years old and her desire is to dance and sing.  Due to the challenges she was not able to join even the basic teams.  My daughter received an offer to attend Above The Clouds beginning ballet classes to see how she would do.

Her teacher (Ms. Lindsey) has been given the ability to teach with such patience and grace to deal with every situation that may have surfaced with my daughter.

Khrystyan gets very excited for every class and happy to be a part of a dance class, she enjoys the other children in class and most of all we spend time talking about what she has learned; (Huge) she even knows the name of some of her dance moves and repeats them at home for us.

My daughter will be able to participate in her first recital this May 2014, and we are happy beyond words!  This whole experience is accredited to the wonderful program Above The Clouds offers, it's teachers and staff. thank you so much.                    

‚Äč                                                                       Grateful parent - Tammy